There has been an effort in our community to revise an existing Human Rights Ordinance to include protection from discrimination for gays and transsexuals. This subject has been in the public’s eye for awhile and it provokes much thought. I was born in 1957. I could have never imagined that the homosexual issue could have advanced so far in such a short time. It is particularly challenging to the Bible believing, conservative church. The scriptures clearly teach that sexual gratification is to be found between a woman and man within the structure of marriage. This is the basis of society because the nuclear family is the place where children are trained and social values are established. This has been historically true in cultures throughout history. This includes cultures where Christianity wasn’t the predominate religion. Nature also reflects the reality that the human race could not reproduce and continue to exist without sexual expression between a man and woman. Why have we reached a place in our culture where those of us who believe these things are treated like we have done something wrong? After all, don’t we believe and practice life according to proven traditions that bring order and moral stability to society?The answer to these and other questions must be explored.

Why is the homosexual movement so aggressive and determined to impose upon our culture their way of life? One may think that they would recognize their minority numbers and be content to practice their sexual preferences in a private and personal way. Heterosexuals do not make their sexual lives a matter of public debate and contention. Sexual behavior has been a private and personal issue with most heterosexuals. American society has been saturated with the idea that homosexuals have been a mistreated class of people. The entertainment industry and liberal educators have used their platforms to naturalize the homosexual lifestyle. We see diversity training in everything from school textbooks to television programs. This has resulted in a modern society that has removed any institutional discrimination against homosexuals. Social gains that have been achieved by the homosexual population have been quick and effective. The general population, including Christians, has accepted the reality that in a free society people will make choices about their lifestyle and they shouldn’t be harmed if their choices are not a threat others. It seems apparent that homosexuals have won the social tolerance that they desired, so why do they relentlessly continue their agenda? Why do they seek civil rights protection? Why do they seek to redefine the word marriage to include partners of the same gender? Why can they not be content with the term “civil union” that would designate a legal relationship between partners of the same sex?

Living creatures must reproduce in order to continue their kind. The same is true for lifestyles and ideologies. For instance, Christianity is reproduced by the power of influence. The apostle Paul called it preaching. We persuade others by reason, evidence and debate. The gospel message and Biblical wisdom are shared by words, deeds and evidence. We trust that we have the help of God’s spirit pricking the conscience of the listener. When Christians have tried to propagate the gospel through the force of law or any other acts of coercion they have failed miserably. Things are different for many other religions and ideologies. They depend upon force and threats of retaliation to keep their cause alive.

Homosexuality is a choice to live a lifestyle that finds sexual gratification with a partner of the same gender. As a result, homosexuals cannot reproduce offspring and create a biological family where children can be trained to maintain their cultural ideology. The absence of a family unit severely hinders the homosexual community in their effort to be accepted by society. They must recruit and influence others to experiment with this type of sexual gratification. Recruitment is limited in an environment where moral teachings are contrary to their lifestyle. Coexisting with people who believe your lifestyle to be an immoral sexual addiction is not an option unless you can convince them to change their beliefs. As long as the Bible is the basis of Christian theology the Christians beliefs about homosexuality will not change. Another option is to use media, educational institutions, and the force of law to silence and remove any opposing voices. This is why marriage must be redefined and fairness ordinances passed in communities. The ultimate goal is for state and federal governments to pass laws granting civil rights protection to homosexuals.

The conservative church has been in retreat for several decades. We are commanded to be salt and light to the world. We have been told by our Savior to occupy until He comes. We find the church in a defensive posture in modern society. Judeo-Christian principles were the basis of law in America for nearly two centuries. These Biblical principles were the foundation of a nation that was able to correct social evils and reach unprecedented prosperity. Christians have lost influence in American society. There are many types of behavior that cause destruction. The Bible defines such behavior as sin. The reason that the homosexual movement is a greater threat to Christianity than other sins is because the homosexual population is striving for civil rights protection. If they achieve this protection then religious liberty and free speech will be threatened. The Bible will be considered a book that teaches bigotry and prejudice against a protected class of people. When ordinances and laws are passed to protect a certain type of behavior then those laws become a basis for suits against those who disobey the law for conscience sake. Biblical teaching can build a great nation, but the Bible warns the believer that there are dire consequences when he doesn’t honor the teachings of the scriptures. The Bible teaches personal responsibility and that each person has a free will when determining their own behavior. Believers are responsible to warn their neighbor of consequences that result from destructive behavior, but not interfere with their decision to perform such acts. Ultimately, judgment belongs to God. We are taught to return good for evil and to love our enemies. Christianity does not reproduce itself by the methods of the carnal world like deception and silencing opposition. If we fail to convince unbelievers by our testimony of good works, love and intellectual merit then the Bible teaches that we will suffer at the hands of those who oppose us. We must accept the present reality that is our culture today and be willing to preach the word to an unbelieving world, just as the Apostles did in the beginning. We must use the attacks against us as a platform to share the wisdom of the scriptures and preach the gospel to an unsaved world.