• Sunday School promotion Sunday is coming up. If you have kids graduating to a new class please see Bro. Alan.
  • There is huge progress on the gymnasium! Check out the photos on the church facebook.
  • We will have a vote this Sunday on moving around some surplus funds within our church accounts to pay for the gym. Since there hasn’t been events lately, money that had been reserved for that could potentially go toward the gym and other things like that. If you have questions, please call Bro. Darrell.


  • Jane Holmes (Nathan Holmes’ mom)—in hospital with low blood pressure, retaining fluid
  • Brandi—laid off
  • Betty Ingram—Raison family
  • The virus and all that surrounds that; the health of our country, political and societal impacts, God’s will
  • Don Woolett—Covid, pneumonia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever; he is hospitalized and his wife can’t see him right now
  • Bro. Joe and Mrs. Saundra; health issues
  • Baxter family—need to sell saw mill
  • Brandi’s mom—job situation
  • Regina French—upcoming knee replacement
  • John Jessie Sr.—died; pray for family’s comfort
  • Bro. Wayne—cancer (McCune’s friend)
    • UPDATE: Huge praise! Many of the masses are benign. There is a possibility he still has one cancer, but huge answers to prayer so far.
  • Bro. Skylar and Esther—need KY licenses
  • Our Country
  • People struggling with addictions